Asset-based training

Social Performance governance architecture provides for the ‘hard-wired’ requirements of good Social Performance. However, governance architecture of itself is not enough to secure world-class performance. Systems and procedures in isolation will not deliver the expanded thinking required to achieve real competence. Beyond hard-wired architecture, it is the specific recruitment and training of socially competent employees, and particularly front-line managers, which is needed for success. In the absence of competent personnel there are limits to the improvement that can be expected from activities such as Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, desktop analysis, philanthropic programs, reporting and audits.

Community liaison officers, as they have historically been known, lacked clearly defined skill sets and career paths and were often not well supported by their organisations. Where Social Performance is vital, there is a clear need to embed the same level of defined competency in accountable employees that exists in a company’s technical, operational and financial systems. Building Social Performance competence need not be costly nor resource intensive. Many employees want to be involved; they are just not sure if they should be, what is expected of them and what the priorities are.

resolution88, using a curriculum and competency assessment tool honed from many years of field experience, can assess current levels of Social Performance competence and tailor competency development programmes for both practitioners and general management.