Social risk analysis

Social Impact Analysis (SIA), defined as risk to business-affected populations, is a regulatory requirement for extractive projects in most jurisdictions. High variability between compliance regimes and high levels of confusion frequently characterise SIA. Many millions of dollars are expended to generate formulaic documents to satisfy permitting conditions. What is frequently missing, or grossly diluted in the text to the point of being invisible, is the risk to the business itself from its social interactions. Despite undertaking SIA, many projects suffer delays, cost overruns and even failure through socially induced causes.

Where SIA aims to identify intended and unintended social and economic risks to host populations, Social Risk Analysis (SRA) focuses on how social interactions create threats and opportunities to the business itself.

resolution88, based on many years of field experience, offers tailored SRA that avoids the maze of formulaic rendering. When undertaken forensically, it incisively identifies risks and opportunities to the business lurking in the social landscape and recommends responsive actions.