Social Performance Approach

resolution88 knows when, where, how and to what degree each of these elements needs attention, or not. Social Performance does not preclude the need for political and agency management, however it offers a performance foundation that supports better management of these issues. Read more >

Advice on policies and procedures

resolution88 works directly with accountable company officers to develop Social Performance elements within an organisation’s control architecture that will meet the contemporary expectations of Board assurance, government permitting and Equator Bank financing. Read more >

Asset-based training

resolution88, using a curriculum and competency assessment tool honed from many years of field experience, can assess current levels of Social Performance competence and tailor competency development programmes for both practitioners and general management. Read more >

Social risk analysis

resolution88, based on many years of field experience, offers tailored SRA that avoids the maze of formulaic rendering. When undertaken forensically, it incisively identifies risks and opportunities to the business lurking in the social landscape and recommends responsive actions. Read more >

Board-level assurance reviews

resolution88 offers deep insight into the social issues that lie behind. Read more >

Due diligence

resolution88 offers rapid appraisal of social exposures and opportunity in M&A activity. Read more >

Local level agreement making

resolution88 offers grounded advice on local level agreement-making, borne out of extensive direct experience and exposure in a wide range of social settings. Read more >


Resume of experience and the names of referees from leading extractive companies, small to mid-sized developers and other organisations can be provided on request.