Advice on policies and procedures

For company capability to be sustainable it must be systemic; it must be built into the organisational processes for ‘doing business’ and it must be able to sustain changes in personnel. Extractive company relationships with communities frequently depend largely on the qualities and motivation of individual staff and the level of interest shown by senior management. When individuals move on, which happens regularly in the extractive sector, relations with local communities are disrupted and corporate memory is lost. This makes it difficult for companies to maintain any kind of strategic focus and continuity in their interactions with communities. Host communities, on the other hand, remember everything.

For extractive companies to match community levels of memory and Social Performance continuity they need:

  • a Communities policy that is appropriate for all local circumstances;
  • a Social Performance Standard and Guidelines that describe a minimum set of on-ground work requirements;
  • a framework for Social Performance planning;
  • an assurance and reporting system that confirms they are doing what they say they do; and
  • defined Social Performance competencies which provide the basis for the performance and development of accountable employees.

resolution88 works directly with accountable company officers to develop Social Performance elements within an organisation’s governance architecture that will meet the contemporary expectations of Board assurance, government permitting and Equator Bank financing.